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The purpose of this community is to create a directory of people who like to roleplay Naruto. If you're tired of looking for a livejournal RP that you like, only to find that your favorite character is taken, this community is for you. Here you can browse for someone with the same roleplaying interests so that you can RP exactly how you wanted to!

We mostly had messenger programs in mind, but anything goes, including forums. You can even use our community to start your own roleplay.

This community is primarily English speaking, but all nationalities are welcomed.



>Please respect the other members.

>Post introductions and chat logs under a lj-cut

>Mark all spoilers. If you're unsure, mark it anyway.

>Smut is allowed, but please place a warning for those who do not wish to read it.

>Please keep any non-roleplay or Naruto related discussions to the general discussion forum.

>Please feel free to advertise any Naruto or Roleplay communities, forums or otherwise. The more options, the better.

Introduction Template

The only required fields are name and contact info, but the rest helps us know more about what you prefer. If you are not up to date on the Naruto anime or manga, please specify. We want to avoid spoiling things for you.

Check the member list for ideas on how to fill out your form. There's really no wrong way to do it, but the more you tell us, the better we can fulfill your RP requests.

Roleplay Template

Use this for a request, all fields are required.

Chat Log Template

All fields are required. Place the description outside of the lj-cut, and keep the synopsis to a paragraph or less.

Member List
All members who have filled out the survey are listed here in alphabetical order by LJ username. All surveys have been checked over by a moderator before being posted. If yours seems to be missing, please post a comment on the entry. There will be lists by character and pairing as the number of members increase.

List by Username

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